Frank Tate Guitar

My guitar was built by Irish luthier Frank Tate. I first played some guitars built by Frank a few years ago and immediately wanted him to build an instrument for me. I had played guitars by many world renowned luthiers but his guitars were so responsive and had such great tone that I knew these were the instruments I wanted to play. The choice of tone woods and overall construction was completely left to the luthier but I did request a thinner profile neck with a wider fingerboard and a different body design to make the fingerstyle more accessible. The result is an instrument which surpasses all my expectations and makes me want to play the music even more!

The top is made from Californian Redwood (Sequoia Sempervirons) which was cut from a naturally fallen tree. Tonally this wood is like Cedar however the excellent stiffness to weight ratio of this Redwood gives it much of the clarity and colour of Spruce.

The back and sides are Granadillo which is very hard, heavy and dense wood with a tight grain and a fine texture with a ringing, bright tap tone. It has only recently become popular for steel string guitars and makes a good substitute for Rosewood. The neck is mahogany laminated with Camatillo Rosewood and all the bindings are Camatillo.

The guitar is fitted with an LR Baggs Anthem that I use with an LR Baggs Venue. The guitar is strung with a custom set of Elixir strings with gauges (.13 .17 .24 .32 .42 .56) selected specifically for DADGAD tuning.

Guitar dimensions:
Scale length: 640 mm
Lower bout: 420 mm
Upper bout: 350 mm
Waist: 265 mm
Tailblock: 120 mm
Nut: 53 mm
String spacing at bridge: 60mm